Covid-19 Vaccinations

We offer all FOUR Covid-19 vaccines currently approved for use in Australia.

Note: We are NOT offering the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to children 5yrs to 11yrs.

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Astra Zeneca (Vaxzevria)– from 18yrs and above, 2 doses 4-12 weeks apart.

Moderna (Spikevax) – from 12 yrs and above, 2 doses 4-6 weeks apart. This vaccine is being slowly phased out.

Pfizer (Cominarty) – from 12 yrs and above, 2 doses 3-6 weeks apart.

Novavax (Nuvaxovid) – from 18yrs and above, 2 doses at least 3 weeks apart. Novavax can be given as a second dose as part of your primacy vaccination schedule irrespective of what brand you have received as your first dose.

Booster doses can be given 3 months after 2nd vaccine dose of primary course for people aged 18yrs and above. Vaccines that are TGA approved for booster doses are Pfizer and Modernax regardless of what brand you have received as part of your primary course. The AstraZeneca vaccine is no longer a
recommended vaccine for use as a booster, even when there are no contraindications or precautions for its further use. However, it can still be used for this purpose in individuals who decline receiving an mRNA vaccine as a booster dose. There is no requirement for people who have already received a booster dose of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to receive an additional dose of mRNA vaccine.

There is limited data on the safety and immunogenicity of Novavax as a booster dose and it is not TGA-registered for this indication. ATAGI advises that Novavax can be used as a booster dose in an individual aged 18 or older if no other COVID-19 vaccine brand is suitable for that individual.

ATAGI have made no changes to the current booster recommendations and is not advising any extra booster doses beyond the second booster dose (fourth dose) in selected populations.

Booster doses of COVID-19 vaccine should be given at least 3 months after the most recent COVID-19 vaccine dose or previous SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Fourth Dose:

An additional booster, or fourth dose, is recommended for people at increased risk of severe illness, to be given 3 months after their first booster dose.

This additional booster will be a fifth dose for people who are severely immunocompromised.

You should get a fourth dose if you are:

  • 50 years or older
  • 16 years or older and a resident of an aged care or disability care facility
  • 16 years or older and severely immunocompromised
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and aged 50 years and older
  • 16 years or older with a medical condition that increases the risk of severe COVID-19 illness
  • 16 years or older with a disability.

ATAGI has advised people aged 30 to 49 years old can receive a fourth dose if they choose.

Moderna Bivalent:

On 29 August 2022 the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia granted provisional registration for the Moderna Spikevax Bivalent Original/Omicron BA.1 (subsequently referred to as Moderna bivalent) vaccine for use as a booster dose in people aged 18 years and older.

The Moderna bivalent vaccine can be used as an alternative vaccine for any booster dose in people aged 18 years or older, according to the current ATAGI recommendations for booster doses.

Coadministration of Moderna bivalent vaccine with other non-COVID vaccines is acceptable, as per current ATAGI clinical guidance.

The Moderna bivalent vaccine is not recommended for the primary course of vaccination (first two doses in most people or first three doses in severely immunocompromised people).

ATAGI does not currently recommend use of the Moderna bivalent vaccine as a booster in anyone under 18 years as it is not registered for this age group.

For information after you Moderna vaccine click here.

For information regarding your Pfizer vaccine click here.

For information regarding your Astra Zeneca vaccine click here.

For information regarding your Novavax vaccine click here.

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Above information current as of 11th Oct 2022.

Influenza Vaccinations

The 2022 influenza vaccine is now available.

ATAGI recommends that it is acceptable to co-administer a COVID-19 booster vaccine
dose with other vaccines, including the influenza vaccine.

We do offer the over 65yrs 2022 influenza vaccine for a small administration fee of $5.

To ensure that the influenza vaccine is suitable for you, please download the flu vaccination checklist here.


Bookings are preferred as we are unable to accommodate walk-ins.

Due to limited staffing we are unable to offer the Pfizer vaccine to children 5yrs to 11yrs.

Booster shots are not currently recommended for children aged under 16yrs old.

You may not be fully protected against COVID-19 until 7 to 14 days after your second dose.  

Please bring to your appointment a form of identification eg driver’s license or passport and Medicare card.

If you do not have Medicare, your vaccination history can be linked to an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) number.

It is a requirement to remain in the pharmacy for 15mins after your vaccination to ensure you are not experiencing any adverse effects eg anaphylaxis.

Your vaccination details will be uploaded to The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and can be viewed on your Medicare myGov account.

A vaccination statement is available upon request.