Pharmacy Services:

  • Medical Certificates
  • Emergency Contraception
  Prescription Services:

  • Losec (Omeprazole) and Zoton (Lansoprazole) Paediatric Suspensions
  • Worker’s Compensation and MVIT Claims

  • Fertility medications

  Medication Management Services:

  • Webster Packing
  • Scripts on File
  • SMS Script Reminder Service
  • Dose Reminder Service
  • Return of Unwanted Medicines
  • MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck
  • Home Medicines Review (HMR) – Third Party
  • Consumer Medicines Information (CMI)
  • Emergency Supply (Conditions Apply)

  Diabetes Services:

  • National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)
  • Education on use of devices
  • Sharps Disposal
  • Diabetes MedsCheck

    Sleep Apnoea Services:

  • Home-Based Sleep Study
  • Report by Sleep Physician
  • Machine and mask sales
  • “Try before you buy” masks
  • Machine servicing, data downloads
  • Troubleshooting
  • Parts, accessories and consumables eg filters

  Wholistic Services:

  • DNA Testing – myDNA Mental Health, Pain, Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular and Nutrition
  • Integrative Health Solutions – Practitioner-Only products

  Asthma Management Services:

  • Education of device technique
  • Spacer devices
  • Asthma Management Plan
  • Asthma First Aid
  Heart Health:
  • Blood Pressure monitoring
  Mum and Bub Services:   General Services:
  • Equipment Hire – Breast Pumps, crutches and wheelchair (subject to availability)
  • Certification and witnessing of documents
  • Special Orders
  • Parcel Point Agency
  • Parcel Connect – Fastway Courier Agency