“Thank you to all our wonderful patients and customers for your feedback and loyalty, we take personal pride in looking after you.”

Very friendly staff. BB –  Aubin Grove, Mar 2022.

Excellent service had covid booster shot and prescriptions here. VG –  Success, Mar 2022.

Steph and Nick are always easy to deal with and knowledgeable with providing great service. TH  –  Beeliar, Mar 2022.

Great service. Friendly and helpful. RT –  Beeliar, Mar 2022.

Friendly and speedy service every time. JP – Beeliar, Mar 2022.

Have always served myself and my family just like we were apart of theirs. Also are full of helpful knowledge and health advice. CK –  Beeliar, Mar 2022.

Always friendly & helpful. TT –  Success, Jan 2022.

I have been to see the pharmacists here many times and they are always super friendly and helpful. They are full of great advice and information, especially when I had a newborn baby. SG –  Success, Jan 2022.

Great customer service and support! RA  –  Success, Nov 2021.

Very friendly staff provided professional recommendations during my visit. CC  –  Aubin Grove, Nov 2021.

Steph and Nick Ng are so friendly and helpful. They always go above and beyond to help customers out and I love going there to buy my pharmaceutical needs. JY  –  Success, Nov 2021.

Nick and Steph go out of their way to be helpful and build relationships with their customers. They’re the best! LF  –  Aubin Grove, Oct 2021.

This is my local pharmacy and I’m a regular because of the outstanding service I received from pharmacists Nick and Steph. They are so informative, helpful and kind. Nothing is ever too hard for them. If you need sound advice I highly recommend this place. MB  –  Success, Sept 2021.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff who are attentive to customers needs! HP  –  Hammond Park, Sept 2021.

Friendly service as soon as you walk in the door. Very helpful and knowledgeable, makes for an enjoyable experience. Clean and bright shop with a good range of items. HJ –  Aubin Grove, Sept 2021.

Phenomenal- Steph the pharmacist was incredibly knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help us out. That level of customer service is needed more often in today’s world. AS  –  Aubin Grove, Sept 2021.

Totally happy with the service provide by the brothers. Very friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone. MD –  Success, Sept 2021.

We bought a Toshi hat for my daughter here and we experienced great & friendly customer service. BF  –  Atwell, Sept 2021.

Every time I shop at Cockburn Super Clinic Pharmacy, I am greeted with a smile and friendly faces that are eager to help me with my needs. The staff here, in particular Nick, are super knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions I may have. KL –  Atwell, Sept 2021.

They always have everything I need and the staff are super friendly, I wouldn’t go anywhere else now. MS  –  Atwell, Sept 2021.

Great customer service from Nick. Very knowledgeable and willing to help. JW  –  Atwell, Sept 2021.

Excellent service provided by the team! This is our go-to for all our chemist needs. RO  –  Hammond Park, Aug 2021.

I was in your store today to get a couple of prescriptions. I was very impressed with the friendly service, attention to detail, and the help and advice I received. I will definitely be coming back! LD – Aug 2021.

Very friendly and helpful staff! LE  –  Hammond Park, Aug 2021.

Easy to buy stuff and affordable. I love it so much. MD –  Beeliar, July 2021.

Great service. SR  –  Beeliar, July 2021.

Have bought a few items here and always professional and friendly service. Good opening hours especially during the week along with a good range makes it very easy to purchase any pharmaceutical items. AP –  Aubin Grove, July 2021.

Great experience and great prices on supplements. RK –  Success, July 2021.

Been a couple of times and always good advice and the staff are helpful. MH –  Success, July 2021.

Great pharmacy. Pharmacists are so helpful. They listen and give the best advice. KG –  Success, July 2021.

Always super cheerful, friendly, and helpful, even in the midst of a lockdown! EB –  Success, July 2021.

Friendly, very professional in their service. Attentive and gives good advice and service. VM –  Success, July 2021.

Such efficient and friendly customer service. EA  –  Atwell, July 2021.

I’m always confident that I’ll receive no fuss, down to earth advice when I’m needing help. Very friendly & helpful customer service, just what I want in my local living and shopping area. KS  –  Atwell, June 2021.

The staff here are very helpful and super friendly. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. CH  –  Hammond Park, May 2021.

The staff are so helpful and kind here. CM –  Hammond Park, May 2021.

Always willing to help and offering complete holistic health solutions. GO –  Hammond Park, May 2021.

Steph and Nick know their stuff. Very knowledgeable and amazing customer service. DA  –  Hammond Park, May 2021.

Best pharmacy in the area. Very knowledgeable with great customer service. AA  –  Hammond Park, May 2021.

Fantastic service always so friendly! ST  –  Beeliar, May 2021.

I was advised to get a certain product from my GP. This was easily sorted with great service and a smile. OR  –  Beeliar, May 2021.

Fabulous family-run pharmacy where I can always depend on friendly service and advice. JB –  Beeliar, May 2021.

Excellent service. DA –  Banjup, May 2021.

The Little Aussie Directory is always my first point of call when it comes to needing a service and Cockburn Super Clinic Pharmacy provides such friendly service and advice when you visit. LB –  Aubin Grove, May 2021.

Staff went above and beyond, even offering to order in an item from a line they don’t even stock. Very friendly. DB  –  Aubin Grove, May 2021.

I was very pleased with how professional and efficient the staff were. They prepared my medication quickly and explained everything to me in very much detail. I have been coming to this pharmacy for a few months now and my experience is always top tier. KJ –  Success, May 2021.

Friendly staff and provided helpful service when my daughter was feeling unwell. Was happy to support a local, family owned and operated business. SS  –  Success, May 2021.

Wonderful customer service and a great range of products. Very helpful staff members who could quickly aid me with my query. MM  –  Atwell, May 2021.

Steph was very knowledgeable about what I needed to help with an going health concern and friendly with a contagious smile! LT  –  Success, May 2021.

Super helpful and knowledgeable pharmacists. BB  –  Atwell, May 2021.

Steph and Nick are great blokes always there to help when needing medications my wife needs ASAP for her cystic fibrosis. They order straight away and make sure it’s a stress free service. AL  –  Atwell, May 2021.

Professional and friendly pharmacists that really listen to your individual needs. MA  –  Hammond Park, Mar 2021.

We were in for some deepheat and the Pharmacist got talking to us upon seeing our 5 month old. He was very friendly and helpful, providing information about starting her on solid foods and what to be careful of. WK  –  Beeliar, Mar 2021.

Professional and friendly pharmacists that really listen to your individual needs. MA  –  Hammond Park, Mar 2021.

I love this pharmacy. They are always so helpful and knowledgeable and have helped me with excellent advice with products for my children and myself. SD  –  Atwell, Mar 2021.

Very friendly and knowledgeable pharmacist. My family and I always feel welcomed whenever we go to this pharmacy. ES –  Success, Mar 2021. 

I regularly use the parcelpoint service here, and now I purchase all prescriptions and medicinal supplies for my family from this pharmacy. The staff here are always so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful – plus it’s a local, family-run business so definitely worth supporting! PH  –  Atwell, Mar 2021.

Excellent customer service. Was very kind to offer masks when everywhere else was sold out. WC  –  Success, Mar 2021.

Very friendly service and great prices. KW  –  Parmelia, Nov 2020.

Always friendly, helpful and professional. They offer fantastic customer service as well as providing advice. Highly recommend this local family run business. DC  –  Beeliar, Nov 2020.

Staff are so friendly, very knowledgeable and shop is well stocked. Pleasure to shop there. KT  –  Atwell, Oct 2020.

Pharmacist Steph Ng has always been so helpful and friendly with great banter whenever I have needed anything from the chemist. One time I had lost a script and needed medications late one night and he helped me out with no dramas by giving me enough medications needed until I could bring my script to him over the next few days. Cannot thank or recommend these brothers enough. They have helped me on numerous occasions with smiles and kindness. CU  –  Beeliar, Sept 2020.

Very quick and friendly service. RA  –  Success, Sept 2020.

Thank you Cockburn super clinic pharmacy for your recommendations on products. Fast polite, friendly knowledgeable service. NG –  Aubin Grove, Aug 2020.

Great personalised service each time we visit. No matter how busy they are, they will always spend time to chat. AS –  Hammond Park, Jul 2020.

Cockburn super clinic pharmacy have always had great customer service. They are extremely knowledgeable, informative and friendly. SG  –  Hammond Park, Jun 2020.

Nic was really helpful in helping us to get what we needed for our baby. SW  –  Hammond Park, Jun 2020.

I started using this clinic by accident when a specialist sent my script to them and they are AMAZING!!!! They remember me after only a couple of visits, are friendly and extremely helpful and just great guys. I’ve told many about their excellent service and will go to them whenever possible! LF  –  Aubin Grove, Feb 2020.

Very helpful, super friendly with great advice. DC  –  Beeliar, Feb 2020.

Very pleasant and extemely helpful staff. They always make you feel welcome and always have a smile. KR  –  Success, Feb 2020.

The service is always really friendly. Steph and Nik are knowledgeable, offer great advice and excellent customer service. CC  –  Beeliar, Feb 2020.

Fabulous friendly, helpful service. DS –  Atwell, Jan 2020.

Friendly service and great advice! DR  –  Hammond Park, Nov 2019.

Great staff Very friendly professional service everytime. TC  –  Beeliar, Nov 2019.

Great staff and very helpful. SL  –  Success, May 2019.

Such a great family owed pharmacy!! Steph and Nic understands my needs and my health. They do special medicine orders for my Cystic Fibrosis. They deliver such great customer service and they’re super friendly. AL  –  Atwell, May 2019.

I have used the Cockburn Super Clinic Pharmacy and the boys there have been super helpful, nothing is too difficult for them, and they have a great stock. AF  –  East Fremantle, May 2019.

I have used the Cockburn Super Clinic Pharmacy voucher. I go there a lot and love how the two pharmacists have a picture in the magazine. They do a amazing job 🙂 NB  –  Atwell, Mar 2019.

Fantastic friendly service and offer such good advice concerning better health options. ET  –  Success, Mar 2019.